The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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This book will focus on three key topics including: 

  • Plot overview
  • Character Analysis
  • Important Quotation Analysis

Quote to be Analyzed: 

“He must go,” cried Gregor’s sister, “that’s the only solution, Father. You must just try to get rid of the idea that this is Gregor. The fact that we’ve believed it for so long is the root of all our trouble.” 

Franz Kafka – The Metamorphosis

 Questions to answer as you read through:

  1. What does Gregor Samsa do for a living?
  2. Where does all of the action of the story take place?
  3. What kind of creature has Gregor become?
  4. What does the picture on Gregor’s wall depict?
  5. Why has Gregor stayed in his job?
  6. What does the office manager accuse Gregor of?
  7. Why does it take Gregor so long to answer the door when the office manager arrives?
  8. How does the office manager react when he sees Gregor?
  9. How does Gregor react to the milk and bread in his rooom?
  10. Where does Gregor feel most comfortable?
  11. How does the mother react when she sees Gregor?
  12. Who is Gregor’s primary caretaker?
  13. What was Gregor’s dream for Grete?
  14. How does Gregor feel when he learns that the family will need to work?
  15. What does Gregor do to spare Grete’s feelings when she is in his room?
  16. Why does Grete want to remove Gregor’s furniture from his room?
  17. What does Gregor try to prevent from being taken from his room?
  18. Why doesn’t Grete want others to help her take care of Gregor?
  19. How does the father react when he thinks Gregor attacked the mother?
  20. What serious injury does Gregor sustain?
  21. Who takes care of Gregor when Grete begins to lose interest?
  22. What small concession does the family make to Gregor after the father injures him?
  23. How does Gregor react when he hears Grete’s violin?
  24. How does Gregor die?
  25. How does the family feel after Gregor dies?